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AIDA Members - Australian Independent Distributors Association

Upcoming event: Australian Virtual Presentation Day 4.0

Date: Thursday 9th March, 2023
Time: From 11am EST

Presenting films for release in 2023.

Objectives of the Association

(a) To represent and promote the views and interests of Australian independent distributors.

(b) To encourage, promote and develop the Australian cinema, film industry and film trade and to facilitate and improve by every available means relationships between independent film distributors and all other sectors of the film industry and trade.

(c) To originate, promote, monitor and consider reform and improvements in the law relating to the distribution and exhibition of films in all media and to support or oppose the same and for that purpose to establish and maintain contact with legislatures of Australia, its States and Territories, and with the government departments, government statutory organisations, committees and government accredited representatives.

(d) To assist in the promulgation of, and to support, a code of practice establishing recommended standards of commercial conduct and the principles and practices to be observed by those engaged in the distribution and exhibition of films and to redress inequitable conduct and practices.

(e) To collect and disseminate among Association members and the general public information in regard to all matters concerning the distribution and exhibition of films and the film industry and trade through the circulation of publications of all kinds, by arranging conventions and conferences and by affording and maintaining facilities of every description for those purposes.

(f) To provide, develop and extend technical and educations services and information to the film industry and trade and in all matters pertaining to human resources and in pursuance of such object to undertake such research as is necessary including liaison, active co-operation and consultation with other film organisations.

(g) To encourage improved standards of productions, distribution, exhibition and service and to advance by every means the skills and efficiency of all involved in the film industry and trade and their employees and the standards and quality of goods and services provided by them.

(h) To encourage and provide for the amicable settlement or adjustment of disputes between film distributors and producers, between film distributors and exhibitors and between independent film distributors and members of the general public and to consider and deal with all matters affecting the interests of members of the Association.


CRITERIA: The recipient is selected in recognition of a career that has primarily been based in Australian independent Exhibition, Distribution or Production and who has made a significant contribution to the success and promotion of Australian independent distributors and/or Australian films. Preference given to a recipient who has had a long and dedicated ongoing career that celebrates independence in our business.

- AIDA - Independent Spirit Award - Winners (PDF)

AIDA : CINEMA AWARDS – Winners list

- 2021 AIDA Awards Tracker (PDF)

AIDA Supports

Creative Content Australia's (CCA) consumer campaign ‘Say No to Piracy’ celebrates Australian creativity and innovation in the screen industries and shows the vast array of behind-the-scenes professionals it takes to make screen content.

It highlights some of the best Australian films and TV shows of recent years, including excerpts from RED DOG, HACKSAW RIDGE, THE DRESSMAKER, PAPER PLANES and LION.

Those films follow on from the long tradition of great Australian content – films such as GALLIPOLI, CROCODILE DUNDEE, BABE and MURIEL’S WEDDING. Piracy discourages investment in the creative industry and the future of Australian screen content is under threat if revenue continues to be diminished by online theft.

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